What Is SmaOwl?

Technology has become an integral part of everyone's lives and is changing at a rapid rate. The only way to keep up with it is to understand how it works and how we can use it to our benefit.  SmaOwl is an ed-tech startup aimed at skilling school students in applied sciences by teaching them coding at different levels.

Our Vision

Energetic. Probably the first word that comes to our mind when we think of kids. Because after all, it's true, isn't it? They are a bundle full of ideas, creativity & energy. We at SmaOwl wish that the magic & the spark in them never fades away. How do we plan on doing that? By giving them the right kind of direction. And the best part? We are going to do this together.

Our Mission

We, at Smaowl believe that kids can achieve wonders if given the right kind of direction & support. And that is exactly what we are all about. We have programs specific to that: Coding. Think about it for a second, these smart kids have ample amount of years to learn the craft of Web & App Development, or just tech in general. And the kind of energy they possess, they can very well secure their place among the best coders of their generation.

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