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An Elaborate Coding Program For Students In The K12 Space
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Why Coding For Kids

It is estimated that by 2020, 6 billion people will own and use a smartphone and the language of software is rapidly becoming a fundamental language. Thus, we believe that coding is important for children, not so that can develop programs but rather so they develop essential problem-solving skills.
Coding is inclusive of mathematics, algorithms, and logic and will help your child to take on situations from a different perspective and teaches computational thinking which is essential for all and developing it from a young age is crucial for child development.
Creativity, perseverance, better mathematical skills, and more, all through coding with SmaOwl in a simple yet fun manner!

What We Offer

Our Programs

Our programs are conveyed through live interactive sessions led by top trainers & mentors. We as of now offer 2 programmes: Coding Program and PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Math) Program

What Parents Are Saying

My daughter Divyana Thakkar is 8 yrs old and really enjoying the course. She practically waits for every session and I haven’t seen her so excited for any other class.Tutor Kavita is very good with kids and has good hang to deal with them and get work done.I feel coding definitely helps kids in developing their creative skills , logical thinking as well as strengthen written and verbal skills and organise their thoughts in the process of problem solving. I am really happy and looking forward for many more exciting sessions.

-Vaishali Thakkar, Mother of Divyana

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Meet Our Trainers

Trushita Agarwal

IIIT Gwalior, Software Engineer

Anshuman Srivastava

IIT Delhi, Software Engineer

Kavita Yadav

IIITM Gwalior, Coding Expert

Tanmoy Haldar

IIT Kharagpur, Software Engineer

Daksha Ladia

Software Engineer, Microsoft

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smaowl?

How do I register my child for the program?

To register your child for the program, just fill this form and our team member will get in touch with you to know more about your child and his/her educational requirements.

How will my child benefit from this?

How are the classes conducted?

We conduct live sessions online using video conferencing program.

Will this interfere with my child’s schooling?

All of SmaOwl’s e-learning programs are prepared keeping the school curriculum, the child’s availability and proficiency in mind.

What happens if my child misses a session?

All our live sessions are recorded and shared with you for your child’s convenience. However, these recorded sessions are not a substitute for the actual class itself.

How long is the coding program for?

The course will be spread over 3 months time period with 2 session a week of 90 min each. We conduct the classes both on Week days & weekends . You can choose the batch according to your convenience.

Who are the trainers at SmaOwl?

The trainers at SmaOwl are graduates from top notch colleges of India (IITs, NITs, BITS) having in-depth knowledge of their respected domains.

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